Turbot, Scophthalmus maximus

Pen and ink (top image); watercolour on paper (bottom image)

Artists: Alex Read (top image); Rebecca Jeffree (bottom image)

Turbot is a big, scaleless flatfish. A historically important and valuable food fish, it was one of the first fish to be farmed onshore. It can be found in the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, North Atlantic and Baltic Sea. Stocks in the North Sea are reasonably healthy. For more information on its sustainability status, see the Marine Conservation Society’s Guide here which interprets the latest scientific information on the stock from ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea).

About the artists

(bottom picture):

I am gradually learning how to paint with water colours. This painting was done on a postcard-sized piece of watercolour paper and using a travel-sized watercolour palette. I painted the image first using Payne’s grey before adding another layer of colour over the top. In the past I would have felt anxious about leaving unpainted ‘gaps’ in the image – now I’m much more comfortable with a freer style that isn’t so precise.

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