Norway pout

Norway pout, Trisopterus esmarkii

IUCN Red List assessment: Least Concern

Pencil on paper

Artist: Libby Forrest

Norway pout are one of the smallest groundfish, rarely exceeding 22cm. They are also one of the most abundant. Most commonly found in the area between Shetland and along the western edge of the Norwegian Trench, they travel in dense schools, usually over muddy bottom substrate.

Norway pout are fished using small-mesh trawls, often in combination with fishing for blue whiting. Denmark and Norway conduct the largest fisheries on these stocks. The population size of Norway pout fluctuates significantly. There is no agreed-upon international management strategy. However, there are quotas to ensure that at the end of the fishing year the remaining spawning stock is greater than 150,000 tonnes.

Data source: Institute of Marine Research 

About the artist:

Libby used coloured pencils on paper to draw her fish. She enjoyed trying to create the shine and translucency of the fish’s skin through contrasting tones.

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