Haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus

Acrylics on paper

Artist: Lauren B

Haddock and cod, often in close proximity to one another, are both found in the North Atlantic with two separate populations of the same species; the first in the north east around Britain, Iceland and Norway (spilling round into Russian waters) and the second north west off Canada and New England.

Haddock is silver grey with a prominent black lateral line and a trademark black spot behind its gills. It doesn’t grow as large as the cod. The biggest cod on record weighed 96 kilos and measured 1.8 metres. The biggest haddock on record (reported from Iceland by authoritative sources – ICES – in 1929) was supposedly 17 kilos and a little short of a metre.

Haddock is of course one of the most popular choices in fish and chip shops and in some places including the fishing ports of Aberdeen and Grimsby, the favourite. It is also far and away the most popular white fish for smoking. In 2009, following a 10 year campaign, the EU awarded Protected Geographical Status to Grimsby Smoked Fish. 

MCS says, ‘Haddock from UK seas, the Northeast Arctic, and Iceland are at healthy or sustainable levels and being fished sustainably.’

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